I'm a coward not a fighter, disguised as a lover.
My dear,
Find what you love and let it kill you.
Let it drain you of your all. Let it cling onto your back and weigh you down into eventual nothingness.
Let it kill you and let it devour your remains.
For all things will kill you, both slowly and fastly, but it’s much better to be killed by a lover.
~ Falsely yours
Charles Bukowski (via kushtrimthaqi)
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I wanted s’mores.

Sounds hazardous, i don’t recommend doing that haha

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“You got it. Just this once.” Carson replied, not meaning the words he spoke in his slow British accent. He knew that a girl loved to be spoiled, he knew that Amelia would put on a front and pretend like she would rather pay, but he knew full well that little things like that would make her feel special. Carson tended to have few problems in the girl department, as he grew up with his mom and his older sister. His stepdad didn’t come in until later. After cheering for the band, the pair made their way to the bar. When asked for drink recommendations, Carson sucked in his lower lip and thought for a second. “I usually get a Jack Coke.” He explained to the girl, “and I would highly recommend it. Its two of my favorite drinks combined into one. Coke, and Jack Daniels.” He then turned to the bartender and placed his order.

While waiting for their drinks to arrive, Carson leaned against the bar and turned towards Amelia. Her brown eyes stared up at him. The curly headed boy couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she looked, a permanent smile on her face. “So? What do you think so far? You think you will ever want to come back here with me?” he asked sparking a conversation. He was sure that he would want to continue hanging out with her after tonight, so he didn’t mind talking about the near future with the brunette. Just then, the bartender handed them their drinks and bid them a good night. No questions asked. The night was just beginning.

Amelia nodded her head once “Good, then I trust you,” She said with a smile. She noticed for the first time that night, just how green and mesmerizing his eyes really were. “I really like it, although i dont think id ever want to come back here with you though,” She sad looking directly at him with a straight face before bursting out in laughter. “Im completely kidding, Id come back here with you any day,” she said laughter lacing her words still. And it was true, she didn’t think she could turn down an invitation to this place, as long as there was music playing and a cool companion, shed be okay. Looking over her shoulder she grabbed her drink off the table and took a sip, before nodding “Not bad,” she stated before drinking some more of it and holding it in her hand. The only alcohol she was used to drinking was champagne and wine at the occasional dinner party, and even then she wouldn’t drink much. So this was a whole new experience for her.

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"Thats not how this works." Carson responded after Amelia offered to buy the drinks. "I am going to tell you so listen up. I ask you to join me for the night, you say yes, I buy the drinks, you accept." He allowed her to grab onto his other hand, and together the pair danced. Carson loved how Amelia got into the music. Before long, he had forgotten about the whole concert house full of people, and was focused on the small brunette. He wasnt even drunk yet and he was having fun, she was good company. The beat was slower in the next song, Carson took this opportunity to wrap his arms around her waist and pull her close to him, moving with the music. In this moment, everything was perfect. The smell of her hair, the feel of her clothing under his hands, the way they moved. It was perfect. After the song ended, the band packed up to get off of the stage and let the next one set up. "Lets grab that drink, yeah?" The curly headed boy said, grabbing onto her hand and leading her to the bar. 

She rolled her eyes playfully and sighed “Fine, but just this once, okay” she stated and continued dancing with him, feeling the music straight in her bones. When Carson pulled her in close, she smiled to herself and laid her head on his shoulder, swaying back and forth with him, not wanting this moment to end. Once the band ended their  last song, Amelia clapped for them,since they were, after all, a lot better than she had expected. She nodded her head at Carson’s request to get drinks with smile and followed him closely, not wanting to get lost in a place she had never been in. Once they approached the bar Amelia thought for a second before turning to Carson “Any drink recommendations?”  she asked him leaning against the counter and looking up at him.

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Yeah I know… but with things like work I can’t miss it. And this, well it would be a great idea but it’d never happen so don’t worry.

Sigh,okey dokey artichokey

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"Thats impressive actually." Carson remarked. "I mean, who else has the ability to hibernate like a bear? Kudos to you, you might need to teach me how to do that one of these days." the boy joked back. Surprisingly enough, he wasnt tired considering the lack of sleep he had received in the past few days. It wasnt because he had something pressing keeping him up, he just didnt want to settle down and give up the day. After being nudged by Amelia in response to him paying for her, he playfully nudged her back. "I know I didnt. But I did, and there is nothing you can do about it." He said with a side smile, glancing his hazel eyes in her direction. "I cant be tamed" he said so matter of factly, ending in a laugh. 

Carson grabbed the girl’s small hand and led her into closer to the stage. As he did that, he bumped into several people who he had met here on previous visits. They exchanged quick hellos, but Carson was focused on Amelia. This was their night. He didnt recognize the band that was playing, but their music was great. As it always was here at the concert house. It was not too rock or punk to be overwhelming, but not extremely coffee house as to put one to sleep. It was the perfect mix, Carson loved that he could draw inspiration from the artists that perform. The boy, still holding Amelia’s hand, flashed her a smile and started moving to the music. The look on her face told him that she was having a good time. The curly head went in thinking that he was just doing Amelia a favor, lifting her out of her rut. But as the night started, he realized that the main reason he invited her was because he really wanted to spend more time with the brunette. “If you get thirsty, remember, I have connections at the bar. Just let me know!” he said with a smile.

"I can definitely do that for you! She said with a laugh. She loved the way that Carson could be so silly it really helped her relax and take the edge off of everyday stress. Hearing his reply Amelia rolled her eyes "Well, thank you, then" she stated with a smile before laughing at his "Can’t be tamed" statement "Okay, calm down Miley Cyrus," She joked. As the two made their way through the crowd of various people, Amelia smiled politely as Carson greeted everyone he knew and tried to keep up with him. Once they finally reached the place they were going to stay for the night Amelia sighed and actually started to listen to the music for the first time that night and she loved the vibe of it. She watched as Carson began to sway next to her and laughed and began moving to the music with him, she loved the energy that was always around him, so carefree. The night had just began but she was already having a good time, and in this moment she was relieved that she agreed to hangout with him. Hearing his offer Amelia smiled and nodded her head, "Alright," she responded " But drinks on me, okay?" she told him with a smile before taking his other hand and dancing with him.

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Well just stress and I’m kind of busy.

You seriously need to take a break dear. I feel as though you are always stressed and that is not god for a mommy to be.

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“Hey now, I asked you if you were ready. Me? I’m always ready.” Carson teased as he turned and led the way down the hall and out of the apartment complex. The chilly night air caused goosebumps to raise on his arms. “Are you gonna be warm enough?” He asked, silently laughing at his use of ‘gonna’. He was letting the American slang get to him. “Its just around the block, don’t worry.” He said, wishing he had worn a jacket that he could now hand to her. He had watched enough romance movies to know that’s what gentleman did.

“Long time no see” Carson said, sparking conversation on the walk to the concert house. “Seriously, where the heck have you been?” he said flashing a smile in her direction. It was true, they hadnt talked in a while. Though, it might have been because Carson had been wrapped up in his music to really go out much in the past week. This was a nice change of pace. As they neared the corner containing the venue, a faint hum of music could be heard traveling through the air. Carson led them to the door and paid for their entrance before Amelia could even get out her wallet. It wasn’t that expensive and Carson figured that since he couldn’t offer her a jacket, he would be a gentleman this way.

Amelia laughed and shook her head,”If you say so,” She said following him out of the building and down the street, she took a deep breath of the crisp night air “Yeah, i’ll be fine. No worries” she said with a smile, really glad at this moment that she added thigh high socks so her legs had some coverage from the wind that whipped around them. She found the cool air refreshing more than anything and she didn’t mind it at all. 

"Yeah, I know," she said with a light chuckle before shrugging her shoulders "Hibernation, I guess" She joked and returned his smile. When she began to hear the faint sound of music she guessed they were coming near to their destination. Walking inside with him she sighed and nudged his shoulder "You didn’t have to do that, silly. I could’ve pad for myself" she told him pulling out her wallet. Amelia liked to think that she could take care of herself.

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It’s an idea I’m toying with. Part of me wold love it but there’s a voice in my head telling me it’s a terrible idea.

How would it be terrible I see nothing but positives!

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I even had a headache in my dreams last night. What does that mean?


Less caffeine

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